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Amery Rey Tuesta – Let’s Love lyrics

Out there is the storm raining like crazy
In my home standing, I’m
I’m not afraid in front of the fact

I feel safe even when the thunder arise
For me is love why standing I’m
You don’t need to convince me
People around don’t want to see me doing alright

I don’t believe that because I know
Everybody has a heart
Deep Inside in their eyes

All we need is follow your heart
You don’t need to preach like a wise
You know the truth, because of feelings
Everybody has it

You are so greedy and you feeling alright
I got it! It’s your nature
But think en los demas

Think about the trees
Think about without them
You got the chance to do
What others no way they can do
Show you love yourself
And stop hugging the mirror
Because you need the food to live
Like a hug, you need sometimes
To feel you are doing alright

This is love. Easy is to get a twenty-seven calibre
Think twice before you jump over the blood
Because you will feel never alright
After that
Because love will kill your pride and bit by bit
Your tears will leave you completely dry
Let’s love to make it in this life

Let’s love to make it in this life
Let’s love to change your life
Let’s love to make you share your heart
Les’t love, Les’t love, Les’t love

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