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Amery Rey Tuesta – I’m A Funky lyrics

In the spamming circle
Of these funny mad
Sneaky Freak
Overloaded the life
Of everybody
With words and images
To believe in money as a source
Of good life

Day and night
Angels and pennies
Gathered wherever I’ve been
Oh, Man! Get out away from me
I’ve seen for donkey’s years your pride
And ambiguity

Let me in peace. Don’t you see I don’t wanna be part of it?
Don’t try to makes me feel bad for what I’ve chosen and for what
I wanna live
It may be sound liberal for you, but I know how to fix my life
Without your gold
Just go away, cause I want to wear my trousers
Red and green

I don’t need your suit;
I don’t need your patterns to behave myself
I’m easy! Man
Because nothing is true
Because nothing is real
Because, everything out there
Is hypocrisy
Don’t tell me I’m wrong, because
I didn’t ask for it. On your bike Man!
And let me live in peace
With simplicity and coolest way to be, because I love more humility,
Than guys, who has the afford to splash out
On whatever thing

What you want from me man!
I don’t get it!
How many times I have to repeat to you the same thing?
It seems you don’t listen to me
You smile on my face
Because I said: I don’t want to follow your terms
For how long are you planning to hold your temperament?
Believe me, man! I’m not gonna change myself just because you want
If you really want me to change myself show me something
Which will benefit to all living entities and not only to you
And your fucking friends
Don’t you see man! You are wrong!
You don’t care
About anybody than yourself and your puppets who move around by the force of money, money, money, money, money, money
Like a machine without soul, essence, and integrity
Listen to me now my friend. I don’t want to be like you man!
Forget about it!
I like to smile with sincerity and not with
Bigotry because
I’m a funky

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