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Amery Rey Tuesta – Illusions lyrics

Every day, day and night. Between my mind and my heart
Happens a heavy fight
For power and pride

Is never-ending, a lot of hurt inside myself all the time
Is defeating me
Without any chance

To look the useful reason of those
Efforts which fight for something worthless and wrong
Look my life. I have been always hiding my fights
To pretend everything is right and fine

You’re not a loser
You are a warrior
Who gonna fight
Everyday to the end
Because, your destiny
Is to fight, not give up
The battle of your heart

I’m not free. All my thoughts
Always comes from my mind
But it never comes
From the core of my heart
I don’t know how to stop it
Is always here and later out there
I have never won
Always it let me die

How can illusions be so strong?
I feel tired, I don’t know how I can survive
All this fight. All illusions sooner or later
Will vanish by their own power people said

Who knows how long. You have to hold it until it dies
Because in the world nothing is stronger as your heart

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