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Amery Rey Tuesta – Go For It! lyrics

Everything small in the world
When is captured by a camera
You put the slow motion, some colors

With a nice background
You will see how will your perspective change
It will! Don’t doubt about it!
We like beauty, But we are getting impatient
We want things fast. Now, In this right second

Things don’t work like this. Forget about it!
Things don’t work like this. Forget about it!

What you are now didn’t happen in an overnight

Life is boring when there is nothing to do
Believe me! It doesn’t matter how many times
You try, you will never be able to sleep twenty-four hours
For the rest of your life

You are not dead! You are alive! You have something precious

To protect it
Give yourself a nice occupation
Something you like!
Why Not!
You can do it!
Remember those days when you couldn’t walk
You can’t right?
Because it doesn’t matter!
Now is what matters!
You have to go for it!
Not step back! No way! You started, you finished!

And always think! Oh God! Thanks!
Just to do not forget to be thankful anyway
The energy is what matters!
Good vibes fall always nice! But
You have to go of it!
You have to push yourself
To break those painful walls
This is an important decision in your life
Your mind will let you be
Your mind will leave you alone
Your mind will give you peace
To think how to feel good here
Find yourself, before aliens control your faith!
You want to make it here? You have to faith on yourself!
Very Much! Very Very Very Much!
The only way to make it here is by working hard!
The only way to make it here is by working hard!
Okay! How then?
Okay! How then?

If you have a different way?
C’mon! say then!
If I’m wrong
Let me know!
I think if you
Let me know!
It will be helpful to my dreams!
I don’t control them!
They control me!
Take a break sometimes to see the sun
Which is
Still behind the clouds
It’s how it is!
Now go for it!
It’s how it is
Now go for it!

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