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Amery Rey Tuesta – Friends lyrics

Today a friend of mine
Told me he was
Upset with me
I didn’t care that much

So I left the place right away
Next day he called me several times
The phone was ringing and ringing
And I’ve never picked it up

Sometimes time goes by so fast
That forget
Is a daily and usual event

Three days later I called him back
To ask Why He was upset with me?
But I couldn’t contact him
In all my tries

So, I went to his place
I knocked the door one, two, three times
No one never came out
So I left one more time

That night I’ve walked
All the way to home
Wondering where he could be
So I called Marie Jane, his girlfriend

So I saw a signboard right in front of me
That did say:
You never know when is the last time
You see someone
Life belongs to you only for a while
So be nice all the time
Because one day your life will go away
And will never return

So I called Marie Jane
And she said very upset
How did you forget
Your best friend’s birthday

He is in Hawaii now
He went there two days ago
He wanted you to go with him
But happy birthday you never say to him
That day when you saw him

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