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Tyler Childers – Tattoos (Purgatory Album)

I’m now the one she left
A haunted tale for someone else
A little bit about herself
Wherever she is sleeping

Flint strikes out to pierce the dark
Cause a flame from just one spark
Fill the room with smoke so harsh
She exhales a memory

I’m now her used to be
He is now the one she needs
He is now the one she leans on
She looks out at the sunset

On a quilt of rags he holds her tight
And they raise a toast of Bulleit Rye
Whiskey kills all things in time
Like things she don’t remember

The past is fading
Over time
But it’s still hanging on for life

I’m now an old headstone
To her grave i’ll die alone
Testiment of how she’s grown
Wherewere she is sleeping

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