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Ten toes down challenge || @__mianah Lyrics

You been playing with me and I let you
I should have never even messed with you
It’s crazy when you said you loved me, I believe that
I tried to keep this on the low but I just couldn’t hold back
It’s so sad and I ain’t the type to ever slack
And I had to step back cuz I finally realized you was wack
I really hate it when I think about you
Cuz I know my life is better when I’m not around you
Know how you play your game yeah I know how you do
And it’s insane that I’m use to this but it nothing new
Getting hurt by the person I gave my heart to
But it’s my fault because I let you play me like a fool
Talking to girls every night and every day
It’s something I can’t take so I don’t think I could stay
And every time I look around, they all up in your face
Social media don’t make this any easier these days
I really hate it when you tell me you gon change
Cuz everytime I looked up, you still doing the same
You messed me up now my new thing got to deal with it
Them trust issues overthinking is uncomfortable
And looking back, I can’t believe that I was stuck on you
How would you feel if I went around and clowned on you
Ten toes down, one foot in the grave
Messing with you was one of the biggest mistakes I made
And now I’m on top, I’m watching you from up above
The best thing I ever did was fall out of love

Now I’m mad cuz I see you everywhere and I don’t want to mess with it
No, I’m not stunting cuz I was in love wit it
I know but baby I’m done with it
Yeah I thought I loved you but my brain was lying
I messed with you but you always had a side chick
And I never let my guard down cuz it’s blinding

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